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The Best Chicken Coop Kits for Your Flock

Posted by Lexi Montgomery on

Are you taking up backyard farming and considering raising poultry for eggs or companions?

If you haven't got a clue where to start, especially in terms of finding the perfect home for your birds, we have a few suggestions for you. With so many manufacturers on the market and countless options to consider, deciding on the right chicken coop for your flock can be a headache. We'll save you the time and money of sifting through the rubble as we curate the very best chicken coop kits that the market has to offer.

Separating the wheat from the chaff, here's how they line up:

Best Beginner Coop: Advantek Urban Chicken Coop

Kids and poultry are rarely a good mix, and that's where the Advantek Urban Chicken coop stands in to help.

I remember raising chicks in elementary school, but when they became adult birds, they mysteriously disappeared. This is because children can be too rough & rowdy for some breeds, and often have trouble understanding the subtle body language of the birds.

Featuring a kid-friendly design, this stylish poultry abode is available to provide a sort of trial run for raising backyard chickens with your kids. It has a non-toxic wood frame, with the interior encompasses a poultry hatch and a roosting bar so that your chickens can satisfy their perching needs.

It's small, easy to clean, and you can check in on the health of your birds without making your kids feel like they're incapable of caring for the birds themselves.

The resilient fir wood architecture ensures that this Advantek Coop is built for the long haul. It stands tall against the elements and physical damage from hyperactive chickens. Assembly should be a piece of cake, and it's unlikely you'll need many tools to get it up and running.

The large-hinged front door is made of wire to let in the sunlight while also easing access. What's more, the walls and wood contain special chemicals to keep mildew and rust away. Overall, it's perfect for the job of starting a backyard brood. However, you will need some space to ket the chickens roam because there is no run attached to this one.

Best Coop For Egg-Layers: The Solarium

This one is just beautiful. A real crowd favorite. Birds love it and owners love it. It's also very easy to set up and you're in for a treat when guests come over. These are the kinds of coops that give chicken rearing a new reputation in this generation. You can just tell this coop was designed to be budget-friendly, functional, AND aesthetically pleasing.


Best Predator-Safe Coop: Jumbo Fontana Chicken Barn

Is your chicken population through the roof? We had a customer email last week, telling us how she'd just lost 6 chickens the night before when a pack of coyotes paid the brood a visit. She had created a superficial run and attached it to a smaller coop.

It fit all her birds while they slept, but was insufficient for an active bunch. It seems they got up at night and attracted the attention of a couple of coyotes in the area. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

The Jumbo Fontana Chicken Barn is the answer to your woes. Each coop includes enough space for the comfortable residence of up to 12 birds and also entails a large, move-able roosting bar to perch multiple chickens.

The barn incorporates high-grade ecoFLEX composite that offers protection from the weather and rids the wood of water absorption abilities. Additionally, this unique timber doesn't splinter (a risk factor for bumblefoot chicken disease). It ensures easy cleaning that you can carry out using only a hose.

Its no-tool assembly ensures you won't need to call in someone to help with the setup. The other great thing about the Jumbo Fontana Chicken is that it has an embedded shade that hides claw marks. Plus, you get a ten-year manufacturer's warranty for your peace of mind.

Notable Mentions...

New Age Farm Walk-in Fontana Coop

Featuring a spacious chicken run and enough room for between 9 and 10 birds, the Fontana is perfect for backyard poultry farming. It encompasses a simplistic mesh and wood build, designed to let in plenty of natural light in. This is crucial if free-ranging isn't an option for you.

The Fontana is perfect for newbie farmers and pros, as well as young hens and varsity egg-layers. Further, it's easy to set up, and you won't need any tools. Aside from availing generous space for your chickens, the coop is large enough to fit a standing human being and has sufficient ventilation. 

Consequently, cleaning won't be a cumbersome affair, as is typically the case with most cramped coops. This walk-in design is especially handy if you like to keep your coop clean, and your brood smelling good.

You'll also get great value for money thanks to the non-toxic and durable underlying that goes into the construction. You'll have an excellent coop for years to come.

Your perfect coop awaits!

I realize that due to the pandemic, we may have low stock or be placing backorders on certain coop designs - but once everything goes back to normal, this article will still stand as our definitive recommendations.

Additionally, this year we are going into production on our own designs because we've gotten so much feedback from you guys that we can't deny the need that's present.

For the most part, you will have to sacrifice something critical with any coop on the market right now. They will ALL get the job done, but they won't all feel like the perfect fit. In a bid to solve this, we're going to design the perfect coop. Please let us know if you'd like to see any specific features on our coops by live chatting with us or sending us an email. 

Whether a coop is hard to clean, hard to assemble, too small, not durable enough, hard on the eyes, or too hard to move around - we haven't come across the "perfect" coop yet. However, there are several remarkable coops available on the market. Most of our customers try out different coops as their brood ages and grows. But we also want to give you the option to have a forever home for generations of your birds.

Our theory is that your birds will live longer, happier lives if they can feel safe in a community, and surrounded by family. Kind of how humans feel in tribes.

There you have it, these are some of the best chicken coop kits for your everyday needs. You don't have to look any further than these for comfortable and safe accommodations for your birds.

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